Occupy Heathens declares Support for May Day General Strike

Occupy Heathens put out the following press release for publication this morning:


To the Pagans and Heathens of the World:

On September 17th, 2011 a group of committed citizens took the streets of New York City. They gathered to protest the strangehold Wall Street has over our government. In the following weeks more and more people from around the world joined them, reclaiming public space and refusing to let their voices be drowned out by the power of money.
In the face of this what did the government of the people, by the people, and for the people do? They sent in riot police. They arrested journalists. They put activists in the hospital and nearly put one in the morgue. All the while our allegedly free press stood silent as corporate shills denounced Occupy as a mob, criminals, thugs, and worse. And our government, worst of all, passed and pushed for draconian laws meant to destroy the liberty of the people to preserve the power of big business.

Enough is enough. On December 19th Occupy LA issued a call for a May Day global general strike. The Occupy Heathens declare our support and solidarity with the May Day general strike. We join the strike to stand up to the powerful on a day that was made holy not by churches or institutions but by the free peoples of pre-Christian Europe. Long ago May Day was celebrated as a day of renewal, prosperity, and the fulfillment of spring’s promise. In 1891 the holiday of, by, and for the people was revived as a day of solidarity, unity, and hope for a brighter future. On May Day we will stand for that better day not just for ourselves but for all who suffer from oppression and deprivation.

We invite all Pagans and Heathens around the world to take a stand this May Day for the same bright promise our ancestors celebrated freely under open skies so our children will not know the hardships we must face. We urge you to reach out to members of your community who feel as we do, organize, and participate. It is time for us to stand up, speak out, and show the bankers, brokers, and CEOs that without the brain and muscle of the people not a single wheel can turn.


The Occupy Heathens

Red Hammer

Putting Together the Pieces

There’s been a lot reported on Occupy Oakland’s J28 Move-In Day.  A lot of time has been given in the media to lurid images of vandalism and burning flags.  The establishment has spared no expense in feeding the official line to the press, accusing activists of burglary and property destruction.  It would be laughable to say anyone knows for certain everything that happened on the 28th, but it is safe to say the official version is far from the truth.  This is my best effort to piece together what happened that day from what I know and saw that afternoon, the accounts of activists, journalists, and video footage shot on the spot by citizen-journalists.  This is their story.

When the day started, the marchers in Oscar Grant Plaza were exuberant with energy, primed and ready for the first major action by Oakland for 2012.  Hundreds had filled the square to hear the speakers and dance to the performances of local artists.  The day was beautiful, turnout was looking great, and everyone was excited and pumped up.  The air was buzzing with excitement and the roar of OPD helicopters.  More were streaming in, swelling our numbers from hundreds to thousands.

A little after 1pm we set out.  I was riding out in front of the march with the cyclists, helping scout out the march route and keep an eye out for the police.  We almost immediately ran into trouble in the first of many confrontations with the police that day.  A police car had pulled over the sound truck two blocks away from Oscar Grant.  We got marched as quickly as we could, hoping a massed crowd could get the police to back away from the truck.  The police car pulled away the minute we turned the corner.  Relieved and exhilarated the truck crew turned on the music setting the crowd’s feet dancing.

Far ahead of the dancing marchers I rode with the other cyclists, keeping our eyes out for the OPD.  Within fifteen minutes of our setting out we spotted a line of police in riot gear forming up on 10th and Oak.  They blocked off the street announcing they would use force if necessary on the loudspeakers.  We quickly rode back and updated the marchers, who pressed on straight ahead and turned onto 9th street, marching towards Laney Community College.

Very quickly we got lost in a maze of concrete corridors and narrow hallways.  The march slowed to a crawl as we plowed through the campus.  Then we saw the police blocking off all of the exits on the eastern side of the school.  They ordered the cyclists to stay away, threatening force if we didn’t.  Other scouts came back, reporting the police had blocked off the north side leaving us few options for leaving Laney College.  Luckily one exit had not been covered by the police, but to get there the entire march would have to move over a narrow footbridge.  Facing the threat of the Oakland police everyone moved as fast as they could, barely escaping the first attempt by the police to kettle the march.

We marched out of the college and came up around the corner of the Kaiser Convention Center.  We marched up to the fence, shouting by People’s Mic we were coming to appropriate the center for the benefit of the people.  The police declared we were an unlawful assembly and ordered us to disperse.  The march stood its ground and the police opened fire.  Gas cartridges flew into the crowd, inspiring panic.  People shrieked “Gas!”

YouTube Preview Image

The crowd recoiled, then surged forward tearing down the fence and moving across the lawn.  The police kept firing as some activists threw rocks and hurled smoke bombs back at the line.  People moved up to the fence and screamed, “Who do you work for?”  as activists stood their ground before falling back to the road.  We moved quickly up 12th leaving the police and the Kaiser Center behind.  Then we came to Oak Street.

I was riding out ahead up and down Madison Street keeping an eye out for the police.  We warned the marchers that police were shadowing us on 13th Street.  After some discussion the march turned and moved west down Oak Street.  I rode ahead on Madison, spotting the police as they rushed to Oak Street forming a line.  Other scouts spotted the police moving up to 12th, sealing off the march’s escape.  When I heard the loud crack of flashbangs and saw the floating clouds of gas I rode back to the march as fast as I could.

I came on to the Battle of Oak Street just after the first volley finished.  The Black Bloc was up in front with a line of shields and barricades, blocking police fire.  Activists rained abuse and insults on the Oakland police while a handful of more militant demonstrators threw chunks of charcoal, rocks, and in one case a chair.  Without warning the cops opened fire.

YouTube Preview Image

I dropped down to the ground behind my bike, watching as the clouds of gas floated in the street for a moment before the wind blew it back into the cops’ faces.  We laughed and jeered at them as they continued to fire.  Three flashbangs exploded in the middle of the barricade and the police charged.  We ran as fast as we could.  Other marchers were running away from 12th Street with the police close behind.  Screams and cries of “Medic!” flew freely as we fled.

Luckily there was only one motorcycle cop on 11th Street. We charged up the street barely two steps ahead of the police.  We stopped for a minute to catch our breath before heading back to Oscar Grant Plaza.  After that I headed home to upload pictures I had taken from the demonstration and process all of what happened.  Little did I know the day would only grow worse.

Close to 6 PM Occupy Oakland set out again.  After the repulse from the Kaiser Center and Oak Street they decided to regroup and move on the new building.  This time the police were much quicker to move bottling the march up in Henry J. Kaiser Park.  The moment was tense as the police moved in when activists spotted an unguarded fence.  They made a break for it.

YouTube Preview Image

The march rallied and set out when the police cornered Occupy in front of the YMCA.  They surrounded the Occupiers, cutting off all possibility of dispersal or escape.  A handful  pounded on the doors of the Y getting the staff’s attention and pleading to escape through the building.  The YMCA Staff graciously opened the doors to a cheering crowd as the police charged up the steps.  Some were able to escape through the back exits.  Most didn’t.

YouTube Preview Image

The police arrested everyone on the spot.  Activists were forced to sit in the street for hours while the police rounded everyone up.  409 people were arrested that night.  Reporters were zip-tied with the rest of the Occupiers in spite of valid press passes.  They were all crammed into tight vans and shipped off to jail.  At Santa Rita (interview begins at 6:00) the police forced arrested activists into tiny cells, crowding them beyond capacity.  Many were denied access to a phone or restroom.  One Occupier, who suffered from a serious medical condition, was denied medicine.  Of all the activists picked up that night and held in the tiny cells only 12 face criminal charges.

Occupy News Update: January 19th, 2012

Good morning Occupiers!  Yesterday was a huge day with a massive wave of protests against the Stop Internet Piracy Act and Protect Intellectual Property Act sweeping the nation and the Internet.  With more to come on J20 this is definitely a busy week for Occupy!

  • In spite of these victories the backers of SOPA are pressing their agenda by other means.  On November 30, 2011 Chanel filed a court order leading to the shut down of over 900 web addresses for selling knock-off goods.  While this is old news it does show no matter what the powers behind SOPA are not going to give up easily.
  • Multiple Occupations are gearing up for the J20 Occupy the Courts Day of Action.  In Occupy San Francisco will blockade the banks and investment firms of the Financial District in protest of corporate power in government.  Occupy Charlottesville, Occupy Salem, and Occupy Redlands have all announced solidarity actions for J20 and J21.  Occupy Minnesota has announced they will be launching a similar action on J24 for the opening of the state legislature demanding the legislature make the rich pay for the damage of the economic collapse.
  • Occupy London has started a new event beginning yesterday called the Trial of the 1%.  They will be holding hearings, demonstrations, and teach-ins on the destructive actions of the 1% against the people.  Watch it on livestream here.
  • Occupy London and Occupy Edinburgh are fighting the evictions by government officials of their encampments in court and on the ground.  Solidarity!
  • A new and dangerous interpretation of lynching laws is being used to charge Occupy activists with felonies.  Police using this tactic are citing the exact wording of the California lynching law which defines the crime as, “taking by means of a riot of any person from the lawful custody of any peace officer”.  A riot, as used in these cases, is when at least two or more people are threatening violence or disturbing the peace.  In light of other reports of police provocateurs, acts by unknown individuals, and DHS involvement it should come as no surprise the forces of the 1% are using whatever tools they can to justify suppression by “legal” means, even if the necessary incident has to be manufactured

  • Occupy Syracuse is facing eviction by city officials and need all the Occupiers they can get to remain in place.  Good luck!
  • A new Occupy Boston working group has formed to fight recent hikes in MBTA fees and cutbacks in service.  They argue these changes hurt the people of Boston with no real benefit to the city.
  • Occupy Atlanta successfully thwarted the attempted foreclosure eviction of the historic Higher Ground Empowerment Center by camping out on the lawns of the property.  Great work Atlanta!

  • Occupy Detroit has just posted video and pictures from their Martin Luther King Day march.  Check them out here.
  • And finally we have a few legal victories to report.  The Albany, NY District Attorney has moved back the trial dates of several arrested activists and, so far, has declined to press charges against any Occupiers arrested in Albany.   In St. Louis 9 Occupy activists arrested for Occupying Kienar Plaza were sentenced to “Time served.”  Here’s hoping more judges, prosecutors, and police follow the example of these brave civil servants and stand with the 99%.

Good luck on J20 everyone, stay safe, stay smart, and solidarity!

Right to Rebel, Duty to Resist

Modern Heathens take great pride in personal independence, refusing to bow before distant authorities or divine masters. This is not surprising, many who follow Heathen practices do so out of personal choice full well knowing their decision will push them to the fringes of modern Western society. The choice to follow any polytheistic practice, in an age when monotheism is the norm, is a small yet fundamental act of rebellion. For whatever reason the initial decision is made those who continue on a path that guarantees social marginalization at best do so because their existential needs are not served by modern, conventional spirituality. This same spirit of defiance sounds out strongly in Heathen lore. The duty to resist oppressive circumstances is a powerful theme in Germanic Lore.

To first understand the importance of resistance and rebellion one must first examine the cyclical nature of Germanic cosmology as presented in the Eddas. In the beginning of the sagas there was nothing but fire, ice, and a great void. One day the fire and ice boiled out into the gap, collided, and from the primordial void and chaos a new order emerged centered on Ymir. When Odin and His two brothers, Vili and Ve, struck down Ymir They used his body to create a new order where the Gods and humanity would flourish. Throughout the sagas They do battle with destructive giants and monsters like Fenris and the Midgard Serpent to keep Midgard and the Nine Worlds safe. In the Final Battle of Ragnarok the Gods take the field against their old foes one last time in spite of their pre-ordained doom. From the destruction of Ragnarok, as it was when fire and ice collided and Ymir fell, a new bright world will come from the ashes of the old.
In each cycle of destruction and rebirth new, more prosperous worlds are built from the bones of the old ended in chaos and destruction. The new worlds are born because of an upset of the existing status quo. The great yawning void, which had existed for time unknown between the realms of fire and ice, had been the center of the existing order until the great elemental forces poured in and filled it. Ymir and the frost giants had lived in relative prosperity unchallenged until Buri’s grandsons Odin, Vili, and Ve struck him down and used the body to create a new world(1). Ragnarok begins with a three year ice age ending with Surtr’s immolation of the World Tree. Every great cosmic change is catalyzed by disruption of the existing order. These changes are used as the means to initiate greater, more meaningful transformation.

Cosmic change does not come about for its own sake in the lore. While the lore is silent on the Gods’ motives for slaying Ymir we can make some inferences from the lore. The primordial world in which the sons of Buri lived is described as extremely bleak. All that existed was Ymir, the cow Audumla who fed the giant, and a lot of salty ice(2). The new order built from Ymir’s body is lush, fertile, and full of promise for the Gods, humans, and wights(3). Whatever the motive the end result was replacing the old, stagnant order with a new, more beneficial one for the Gods and the inhabitants of the Nine Worlds.

Beowulf’s saga shows the same theme of liberation from oppressive circumstances. Following Grendel’s first attack on the hall of Hereot the Ring-Danes did whatever they could to fight back and repel new attacks4Conditions became quite grim:

All were endangered; young and old
were hunted down by that dark death-shadow
who lurked and swooped in the long nights
on the misty moors; nobody knows
where these reavers from hell roam on their errands.”(5)
In spite of all this they never stopped their war with Grendel, who “ruled in defiance of right”(6).When Beowulf left Geatland he did not come seeking wealth or riches but to volunteer for the battle with Grendel(7)He came with the blessing of the Geats(8) only requesting of Hrothgar that he do it himself with his men(9). The same theme re-asserts itself at the end of the saga when Beowulf, in the twilight of his years, personally seeks out and slays a dangerous dragon menacing his people at the cost of his own life.

The history of the people of the Old North is rich with stories of resistance and defiance of the mighty. The first and best examples come from the days when Rome ruled the world. In the first century AD Hermann of the Cherusci organized a coalition of tribes in defiance of Roman colonization of their lands. At Teutoburg Forest they destroyed the Roman army ending the first and only serious attempt by the Empire to conquer Germania. In the centuries that followed the Germanic tribes refused to let Rome rest fighting a series of bloody wars with the Empire. These were wars fought not by wealthy warrior-aristocrats or professional mercenaries but farmers, artisans, and merchants defending their homes and families. It is doubtful they had any serious hopes of destroying the Empire, a monolithic entity that cast a long shadow over the Rhine and Danube for centuries. What is clear is the fallout of the Empire’s presence in the form of forced tribute, slave raids, punitive expeditions, and Rome’s proxy wars reached a point where they could not be tolerated. In the face of deprivation, war, and slavery the Germanics consistently chose the risks of resistance over the certainty of submission.

The same defiance of oppression stands strong from the Empire’s fall to the final Christianization of Scandinavia. Germanic tribes, facing conversion by force and coercion, refused to give up the old ways. With the exception of Iceland’s conversion in 1000 AD every attempt to impose the Cross on the people was met with dogged, bloody resistance. From the Saxons’ defiance of Charlemagne’s invasion to Svolder when a coalition of Danes, Swedes, and Norse brought down the Christian tyrant Olaf Tryggvason and Stiklestad when an army of free common folk ambushed and slew the Christian king Olaf II the folk never gave up without a fight. When “conquered” they rebelled fiercely and often.

The message of resistance and rebellion is a powerful theme in the lore of the Northern world. When faced with oppressive conditions heroes, Gods, and ancestors alike pushed back, refusing to submit in the face of near-certain defeat. Many times when they made this fateful choice it was not with the certainty of victory behind them but as a challenge of impossible odds. Whether it is the Gods at Ragnarok, Beowulf facing the dragon, or the Cherusci at Teutoberg they chose defiance over submission and surrender.
Also published at Ryan’s Desk

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Occupy News Update: January 18th, 2012

Good morning Occupiers!  This weekend we have J20 Occupy Congress and J21 Occupy the Corporations days of action, easily the biggest actions planned by Occupy since the West Coast Shutdown.  If you plan on joining in the fun be safe and be smart!

  • Yesterday Occupy DC rallied on the lawns of the National Capitol and K Street protesting the influence of money and corporate power in government.  OccupyDC has promised they will not leave, vowing to resist any eviction attempts by the city.


  • Operation BLACKOUT, organized by Anonymous in protest of the Stop Internet Piracy Act and the Protect Intellectual Property Act, is now underway.  Do what you can to show your support for a free and open Internet!
  • Occupy Chicago has joined in Operation BLACKOUT, declaring their support for the action.
  • Occupy Wall Street reports their funds are getting a bit tight.  Please donate to OWS, your local Occupy, and Occupy Together as much and as generously as you can afford!
  • A recent meeting between Occupy activists in North Carolina and Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) proved to be extremely underwhelming to Occupiers.  According to the attendees of the meeting Sen. Hagan’s staffers did most of the talking and could not provide any explanation for his “no” vote on the Udall Amendment to the 2012 NDAA. This is not surprising in light of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent comparison of Occupy Wall Street to the Tea Party and other moves by Democratic lawmakers to distance themselves from the movement.
  • Occupy demonstrators mic-checked Governor Susana Martinez during the New Mexico State of the State address.
YouTube Preview Image
  • Finally, on Monday Occupy Baltimore erected a school house on the site for a proposed juvenile detention center and plan to stay in place for five days to protest cuts to education in favor of increased prison funding.  Good luck!

Dr. King, Satyagraha & #OO

“I am convinced that if we are to get on the right side of the world revolution, we as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. We must rapidly begin the shift from a “thing-oriented” society to a “person-oriented” society. When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, materialism, and militarism are incapable of being conquered.”- Martin Luther King Jr. 

“I’m willing to put myself in harms way for my human & constitutional rights & those of others, but not for those that would condone violence.”- Spencer Mills (aka OakFoSho, citizen journalist, from his Twitter feed)

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday, and in light of some upheaval within the ranks of Occupy Oakland, I wrote an article today about Dr. King, Gandhi’s concept of satyagraha and the question of diversity of tactics in Occupy.

Rather than reposting the long article here, I invite you to visit my website to read and comment there.

Thanks and blessings – T. Thorn Coyle





Occupy News Update: January 12th, 2012

Good morning Occupiers!  Lots of groups are gearing up for the upcoming J15 and J20 actions against the 1%.  Occupy stands strong and ready for action going into 2012.

  • This Monday, Martin Luther King Day, Occupations around the world are rallying in commemoration of Dr. King’s spirit and his fight for social justice.  Groups in New York City, Portland, and Oakland have announced new actions for J15.
  • Occupy Minnesota and Occupy the Hood in Boston have called for actions protesting the Three Strikes Laws for the disproportionate application of the law against ethnic minorities in the United States on MLK Day.
  • Occupy OC, Hartford, Eugene, and Olympia have announced actions for the J20 day of action against corporate power.  Solidarity!
  • On January 10th Occupy Peoria attended the city council meeting calling for a resolution to amend the Constitution to ban corporate money from politics.  Los Angeles and New York City have passed similar resolutions thanks to Occupy advocacy.  Good luck in Peoria!
  • On January 7th Occupy Portland has called for an international day of action on February 29th to shut down corporations around the world.
  • In Victoria, British Columbia, University of Victoria activists held a People’s Assembly in the campus quad yesterday to foster discussion and inspire future action.
  • In spite of pressure Occupy Gainesville isn’t going anywhere and is planning bigger and better things going into 2012.
  • Occupy Greensboro reports they are under surveillance by the Department of Homeland Security.  If anyone could provide some additional sources or media for this story please post in the comments section below!
  • Free Concord reports a Harvard student journalist was arrested by police for trespassing when attempting to report on a Romney campaign event.
  • A new documentary chronicling Occupy’s rise and the media blackout was screened earlier this week for the first time in New York City.  Check it out!
  • Yesterday Occupy NYC protested at the Nigerian Consulate against the abuses of Nigerian Occupiers by the Nigerian government.  Solidarity!
  • Occupy DC is standing strong and gathering activists for Tuesday’s Occupy Congress actions.  Good luck in the Beltway!
  • Occupy Brookings is trying out a new tactic to support local businesses and improve local economies: Cash Bombs.  Check out the details here.
  • Two Oakland Police officers were disciplined by the OPD for covering their name tags with badges during the November general strike.  No word on if the officers will be leaving the department or not.
  • Finally in a more light-hearted item Occupy Pittsburgh has decided on their new response in the event of a police raid: Rick Rolling.


Occupy News Update: January 11th, 2012

Good morning Occupiers!  Sorry we’ve been out the past couple of days, here’s the latest in the news:

  • Last night all barricades surrounding Liberty Square in New York City were removed.  Occupy Wall Street has moved in to reclaim the space.
  • Occupy Nigeria is gaining momentum and says they refuse to back down in their struggle against corporate power and government corruption in their nation.  Solidarity!
  • The Des Moines City Council voted to evict Occupy Des Moines on January 31st if the camp does not disperse.  Good luck!
  • Occupy Oakland activists joined the picket line at the American Licorice factory in Union City bolstering the lines of the striking workers.  Union officials thanked Occupy for their support and talks between the workers and management resumed yesterday.
  • Occupy the South Side and Occupy Rogers Park in Chicago have called for continuous days of action against Mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s proposed changes to laws regarding public protest in preparation for the May G8 meeting in the city.  The changes would impose harsher fines and create new legal barriers to demonstrating.  Occupiers sent a letter to all fifty of Chicago’s alderman arguing, “This measure is a permanent attack on public protest in the City of Chicago”
  • Occupiers gathered in Manchester, New Hampshire protesting both parties’ failure to protect civil liberties and combat corporate power in government.
  • Occupy Davis will resume actions this week with a series of workshops addressing power and privilege.
  • Occupiers in Hurley, Wisconsin gathered to protest against a proposed mining bill.
  • The Florida State Senate is barring Occupy protesters from entering the Senate Gallery.  The Senate sergeant at arms said, “I wasn’t going to take a chance of them having a disruption.”
  • Occupy Baltimore demonstrators gathered to halt an eviction against a 65 year old widow and successfully delayed the eviction.

That’s all we’ve got for today, good luck out there Occupiers wherever you are.  May the Gods be with you!

What’s happening now???

In my travels outside of NYC over the holidays, people have asked me if OWS is still going on now that Liberty Square (Zuccotti Park) has been evicted. The answer is YES! YES! YES! While no tents are allowed in the park and people can be arrested for sleeping there (people are at risk of arrest for even reclining in the park), Occupy events are indeed still happening all over New York City, and elsewhere.

If you visit NYC and want to check out the current movement, working groups are meeting every day at 60 Wall Street, in the atrium. People are still regularly gathering and rallying in Liberty Square. If you go there, expect some moderate-heavy police presence.

Upcoming stuff!

Occupiers around the world are calling for candlelight vigils on the January 15th holiday in honor of Martin Luther King. These vigils will take place at 7:00 p.m. in each respective time zone. To quote the event listing: “Wherever we may be, whether in our homes, in city squares, online, Occupies, or at work, we lift a beautiful message high above the political dialogue. We light the dream of a more equitable world in our hearts. We can overcome!” It doesn’t seem like much of a coincidence that this candlelit event is coming up so close to Imbolc/Candlemas? We as Pagans know the power of light, of flame, and of gathering in spirit. Look for your local event and try to join other brothers and sisters in the spirit of solidarity. If no events are listed in your area, start one! J15 Worldwide Candlelight Vigil for Unity

January 17th will mark the four month anniversary of Occupy. Demonstrations will be happening all over. Now with this NDAA nonsense in the mix, normally icy January has the potential to be very heated, indeed.

Protests specific to NDAA are being called for on February 3rd.

As always, occupywallstreet.org has a listing of events in all areas.

***If you go to protest….*** remember that violence is NOT in the interest of this movement. Peaceful resistance IS. Raise your voices loudly, make your presence known, but be careful in the crowds and act with peace and compassion.

Many blessings and well wishes to our brothers and sisters in Hurly, WI who are Occupying to retain their basic human rights of clean water. We are with you–in NYC and everywhere!

In love, light and solidarity,


Occupy News Update: January 6th, 2012

Good morning Occupiers!  Occupy may be down but we’re nowhere near out as today’s news shows you cannot evict an idea whose time has come.

  • Occupy Oakland demonstrated outside of Oakland City Hall yesterday demanding the release of activists imprisoned in Oakland PD sweeps of Oscar Grant Plaza.  Over the last few days numerous activists have been picked up at random by the Oakland PD on flimsy pretexts.  One activist, Khali, was picked up in December for taking a blanket out of a trash can and was charged with felony assault of a peace officer a week later.
  • A new occupation has sprung up in Nigeria.  Demonstrators are citing the rampant corruption in government and abuses of the oil industry as grievances.  Good luck!

  • In spite of Mayor Villaragoisa’s claims of respecting the rights of Occupy LA demonstrators the LA city attorney is finding it very difficult to make the charges against arrested activists stick.  Many cases have been dismissed due to lack of evidence and rushed preparations by LA prosecutors

  • New evidence has emerged in the Grand Central Station mass arrests on January 3rd showing NYPD officers moved in on Occupy activists before the demonstration began.  Activists were charged with “resisting arrest” and “disorderly conduct”.
  • Occupy London has put out the first 2012 edition of the Occupied Times.  Yesterday Occupy London raised over two thousand pounds in an online fundraising drive.
  • Occupy San Francisco is marching on the Bank of America in the Excelsior, a district hit hard by foreclosures, this Saturday at noon.
  • Occupy Louisville’s suit blocking the city’s eviction order has been moved to federal court.
  • Occupy Boulder activists have just heard of new park closure rules in the city of Boulder.  Here are their thoughts:
YouTube Preview Image

  • Occupiers in Los Angeles and Detroit fought wrongful foreclosures with over 150 participating in the Detroit action.
  • Occupiers in Charlotte picketed a Mitt Romney campaign appearance.  Occupy demonstrators were removed by the police from the scene just prior to Romney’s event.
  • Occupy Tallahassee is preparing their encampment for the beginning of the Florida State Legislature’s 2012 session:
YouTube Preview Image
  • Occupy Houston is picketing the Harris County Criminal Justice Center on Monday demanding the release of activists arrested in the December 12 Port Shutdown action.
  • Finally Occupy Delaware is calling for all Occupiers to assist in an email campaign to the Delaware Attorney General.  They are calling for an immediate end of the sheriff’s sale of foreclosed homes in three Delaware counties.

Good luck this weekend Occupiers, solidarity, and stay strong!