Merry Occupy!

As with many of us during the holidays, time is in short supply. I was invited to relate my own Occupy involvement, and shall do so after the festivities have slowed, but for today I wanted to send a holiday message to all Occupiers, be they in the streets, offices, or armchairs – because you ALL matter.

As you celebrate the season, in whatever manner you do (or don’t), look at your family and friends. These people are what Occupy is about; every one of them, whether they understand or agree with the message or not. They are who Occupy fights for, who we want to change the world for.

I think of my grandchildren; and while their world is small -and content with a brightly-wrapped present today- I know their minds will broaden and later they will come to understand the world we live in. I want them to be able to live on their fair wages, to have healthcare, to be good guardians of this small blue marble we all share. I want themĀ  to refuse to participate in injustice, be it economic or social, passive or active. I want them to look back on our history and see that The People are the only ones who have ever initiated change in the world, and to know that every single one of us matters. Every choice we make, every single day, matters – and affects everything and everyone else.

Occupy is about you, and me, and everyone else. A just world IS possible, even with the flaws in human nature. All that is required is the insistence and the unerring will that we make it so.

Wishing the best of the season to you and yours, and a better future for all.

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